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Comments: was discussed in alt.config during January 2001.
The Message ID of the original post is 941eoq$bpg1t$ I am Brian (Aguydude) and I submitted the proposal. My goal is to create a newsgroup for people
interested in discussing any aspect of freeware games.

For your newsgroups file: Freeware games.

The newsgroup would be dedicated to the discussion of freeware games which would include providing information about new
freeware games, requesting the location of freeware games, providing assisstance with troubleshooting,requesting information about the creation
of freeware games, and requesting help winning freeware games. It would also include speaking about freeware game websites.
Software/information related to freeware games such as "trainers," ram editors, and playing guides would be considered on topic.
The newsgroup will not be moderated.
The newsgroup will not allow binary posting.
Spam will not be tolerated.
Posts involving warez (or any illegal usage of copyrighted software like emulation, shareware, commercialware, demos, abandonware (unless the
aforementioned abandonware was officially released as freeware), adware, spyware, time-limited software, and nagware will not be considered freeware
and therefore will be considered off-topic and are not permitted at all.
Posts involving freeware which requires or allows the transfer of money such as gambling software or software which requires payment in order to access
online play will be considered off-topic and are not permitted at all.
Any other off-topic posts are discouraged.
Posts involving online games that do not involve a separate download will be considered on-topic if the games are free.
Software which has no monetary cost but requests things like postcards or e-mails will be considered on topic.
Posts involving unfinished software will be considered on topic if and only if the software developer is planning on releasing the software as freeware.
Websites including freeware games, but not limited to freeware games, will be considered on topic if and only if the website:
a) Has an easily accessible section containing ONLY freeware games (a method of "sorting" by license type is considered the equivalent) or a section
containing ONLY games with all freeware games clearly marked.
b) Does not violate copyright issues with warez or other illegal information.

A scan of Dejanews from October 15, 2000 to January 15, 2001 (93 days) showed exactly 549 on topic matches which were not faqs or autoposts from
places like simtel for freeware&game. (~6 posts per day). All posts in alt.comp.abandonware were assumed to be off-topic.
These freeware game messages are scattered all over usenet to the extent that even newsgroups which are not related to games or
freeware are often discussing freeware games. As such, a centralized location would be very useful.

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