Freeware: Legally obtainable software that you may use at no cost, monetary or otherwise, for as long as you wish. 
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The (acfg) newsgroup is an independent group dedicated to the promotion and discussion of freeware games.

The idea of a group for freeware games was first suggested and created by Aguydude (, now GameHippo) in January 2001. It was done to separate the discussion of freeware games from  alt.comp.freeware.

The original charter begins as follows:

"The newsgroup would be dedicated to the discussion of freeware games which would include providing information about new freeware games, requesting the location of freeware games, providing assistance with troubleshooting, requesting information about the creation of freeware games, and requesting help winning freeware games. It would also include speaking about freeware game websites." The full text is available on the charter page

The group does not have a F.A.Q. But since it is an sub-set in the hierarchy to acf, it follows it's F.A.Q's  and / or agreed definition of freeware and net etiquette. Please post all questions about games in acfg. If you post in acf, please cross-post to acfg with follow-up to acfg. Preferred subject line: (game) - Name of game - max three word description

Games are not included in Pricelessware. If a "champion" steps forwards and arrange a vote and maintains a website of either 'recommended', 'requested' or 'best' games, we would all admire and respect her or him smiley have a small, but dedicated, amount of regulars. Some are also readers/regulars of acf. We help as much as we can...

Recommended freeware game sites

GameHippo (windows) Caiman (windows) dos games Happy Penguin (Linux) VersionTracker (mac) OS/2 Games (they need a better banner !!!)

2014 Vegard Krog Petersen. This page was written by me in 2004 and was a part of the Pricelssware home site. It disappeared from the net in 2012 and I have recreated it from the copy in Internet Archive. Removed the frames from Pricelessware and removed dead links. Uploadet for historical and archival purposes - 21.07.2014. e-mail